Project Spotlight: Beaver Toyota

Written by: Rachel Washington

Matthews | DCCM is providing civil engineering and landscape architecture services for the new Beaver Toyota dealership project. Situated within the St. Johns Marketplace on SR 207 in St. Augustine, Florida, this project plays a crucial role in the overall master plan for the marketplace.

The Beaver Toyota dealership occupies a substantial 28-acre site and boasts an impressive 137,000 square foot facility that serves as both a dealership and a service center. With its extensive size and modern design, this facility is poised to offer an exceptional experience to customers and meet the growing demands of the automotive market.

One of the key aspects of the project is the careful planning and design of the 17.5-acre paved area. This will serve as the vehicle display area, vehicle storage area, customer parking, and on-site drive aisles, allowing for an organized and efficient flow of traffic within the dealership premises. Our civil engineering expertise comes into play as we ensure that the design optimizes space utilization, traffic circulation, and parking requirements while adhering to local regulations and industry standards.

Key Facts About the Project

  1. Chris Buttermore, PE, is the project manager. Learn more about him here.
  2. Eric Lanehart, PLA, ISA, is the landscape architect. Learn more about him here.
  3. Project is currently under construction.
  4. Design included site layout, grading and drainage design, utility design, and landscape and irrigation design.

The Beaver Toyota project stands out for its multifunctional nature, going beyond the traditional concept of a dealership. In addition to the dealership itself, the site incorporates various amenities and facilities that enrich the overall experience.

Among the notable features on-site are a daycare, salon, warehouse building, dog park, putt-putt golf course, and a patio area. Furthermore, an open-air pavilion and pier have been strategically designed to take advantage of the picturesque view provided by the large pond located in the back of the site.

Our Landscape Architecture team played a crucial role in designing a central amenity area that serves as a focal point for the site. This area offers a range of amenities to enhance visitors’ enjoyment. It includes a bark park for furry companions, a beautifully landscaped tropical patio with shaded eating areas, and a three-hole putt-putt course for entertainment. To ensure comfort, the area is adorned with red shade sails, gracefully arched elm trees, large medjool date palms, and clusters of native sabal palms, providing ample shade and a visually pleasing environment. At the center of the amenity area, a serene fountain creates a relaxing ambiance, further accentuated by its nighttime illumination. Additionally, the amenity area will benefit from the presence of local food truck vendors, offering a diverse culinary experience to visitors.

This project showcases a unique approach, integrating various amenities and facilities within the auto dealership site. By blending functionality, aesthetics, and entertainment, the project aims to create a welcoming environment that caters to the diverse needs and interests of customers. The landscape design team’s careful planning and attention to detail have contributed to the creation of a vibrant and enjoyable space that adds value to the overall dealership experience.

Our Experience

From conception to completion, we can provide a total solution to meet your needs. Matthews | DCCM combines strategic planning, experience, creativity, and an integrated approach to each project to ensure project success. Our experts guide clients in overcoming regulatory hurdles and avoiding costly pitfalls from initial planning and engineering through implementation and post-project performance monitoring.

Our firm is FDOT pre-qualified in the following work groups:

  • 3.1 – Minor Highway Design
  • 3.2 – Major Highway Design
  • 7.1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
  • 10.1 – Roadway Construction Engineering Inspection
  • 13.6 – Land Planning/Engineering

In need of our civil engineering or landscape architecture services for your project? We would be happy to partner with you!


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