Meet our new project managers

We are excited to announce that we have added two new project managers to our team. Branden Marcinell and Ivan Lamoš have both recently been promoted from Project Engineers to Project Managers. They both have a proven record of client service, leadership, and strong work ethic, and we are so excited to see them grow as leaders in our team.

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Branden began his career at Matthews | DCCM as an intern while earning his degree from UNF, and has now been with the company for seven years. He is specifically skilled in land development site and infrastructure design, stormwater management facilities, ponds, embankments and erosion control features, infrastructure assessments and utility design and permitting and construction engineering inspections. Branden is a talented engineer and skilled leader who has helped shape and improve our company throughout his time here.

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Ivan is originally from Slovakia and attended Vut Brno, a technical university in Czech Republic, then relocated to St. Augustine in 2014 where he completed his education at UNF in Civil Engineering. He has now been a part of Matthews | DCCM for over two years. Ivan has worked as a project manager and engineer on both private and public projects providing preliminary designs, permitting, bid packages, and construction engineering inspections. He has a great attention to detail ensuring that each project receives a detailed and thorough review, providing a quality product that meets the client’s needs.

With their extensive experience and expertise, Branden and Ivan are well-positioned to excel in their new role and make valuable contributions to our clients and our team. We look forward to seeing them continue to thrive and grow as leaders. 

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