MDG Milestone Awards

We recently came together to celebrate our team members who have reached milestones in their tenure with the company. It was an honor to have the opportunity to recognize this achievement and how each person has grown in their career. All of our milestone recipients have helped shape MDG into the firm we are today. They have trained many that have come after them and continue to help MDG maintain a strong reputation in our industry. We are deeply grateful for how they have helped us to be the successful firm we are today.

Celebrating 5+ Years:

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Alex Acree, PE

Alex is a Senior Project Manager and Land Development Lead. As a St. Augustine native, Alex is passionate about growing our Land Development department and leads our other project managers and their teams well. He organizes our company beer swap and Super Bowl Squares, and is a die-hard Georgia Bulldogs fan.

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Billy Almaguer, PE

Billy is MDG’s Chief Growth Officer and QA/QC Manager. He is an experienced engineer as well as a gifted people person, which makes him the perfect fit for growing and developing our team members. He cares deeply about the firm, our people, and our culture. He planted and leads as pastor at Awaken City Church in St. Augustine, and is known as the office BBQ aficionado and coffee snob.

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Branden Marcinell, EI

Branden interned at MDG during his college years at UNF and has been a part of the company ever since. He is a skilled project engineer and construction inspector. Branden is credited with coordinating the MDG polo shirt color rotation (each day of the week has a corresponding shirt color), and for having the most interesting office wall décor which he rotates out monthly.

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Chris Buttermore, PE

Chris is MDG’s Transportation Lead and a Senior Project Manager. His attention to detail, organization, and kind demeanor all attribute to him being a great project manager both to clients and to his team in the office. Chris has played an integral role in the creation and growth of our transportation department.

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Nick Hisey

Nick has been a part of our CAD team for almost six years. He was new to land development when he started, and his skill set has grown tremendously in his time with the company. He is a talented designer, and is also passionate about fishing and runs his own popular fishing blog.

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Danielle Szalkowski

Danielle is our HR and Accounting specialist. She is a highly detail-oriented person and has grown so much with the company in her time here. She has created and made many processes within the company better and more efficient. Her patience, grace, and sense of humor have helped shape MDG and her talents have been a key part of our growth.

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Dylan Scanlon, EI

Dylan started at MDG as a high school intern nearly 10 years ago. During his time here, he has graduated high school, college, and gotten married! He is a natural innovator and has helped shape many processes and design standards. Dylan is not only an incredible engineer, he is also passionate about helping grow future engineers and has helped develop, grow, and manage our internship programs.

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Tyler Conklin

Tyler started his career with MDG right out of high school. He has grown tremendously in his role as CAD designer. His outgoing personality and gift for teaching has made him a wonderful mentor to interns and new team members. Tyler is known for helping out around the office in many ways, and always with a smile.

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Sydney Morin

Sydney started with us in high school and is continuing to intern with us throughout her college years. She has grown tremendously over the last five years, and we look forward to her graduation in a couple of years, so she can join MDG on a full time basis. In lieu of a milestone award, we presented Sydney with a scholarship to assist her in completing her education.

Celebrating 10+ Years:

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Craig Hillyard

Craig started at MDG while the company was still working to bounce back after the recession. He was one of only six employees at the time. Craig was the first person to start establishing CAD standards for MDG, and really took our CAD product and standards to new heights. He is a highly skilled and creative designer, and now serves on our CAD Strategic Committee. Craig is a passionate dog trainer and the whole company loves when he brings his dogs to visit!

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Darin Mullen

Darin is a Sr. Engineering Technician and very talented in both engineering and CAD. He is our veteran trainer for growing CAD designers and EIs. Darin also helps establish MDG CAD standards and serves on the CAD Strategic Committee. His contributions to MDG are not just in his own expertise on projects, but his reach is much greater and vastly multiplied with each person he trains. Darin is also a US Marine veteran and a 6th degree black belt.

Celebrating 15+ Years:

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Scott Knowles, PE

MDG started 17 years ago this July, and Scott has been with us for over 15 of those years.  Scott was our very first new team member in our current headquarters location.  He has been with us through the recession, was instrumental in MDG diversifying into public work, and helped MDG grow to become the company it is today. Scott is the go-to person for any question (whether engineering related or not, he will have an answer – a long explanatory answer). He is a man of many unique interests and rare talents, and is truly one of a kind.

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