MDG gives back - whitney laboratory for marine science

At MDG it is not only our responsibility, but our passion to give back and make the world we share a better place. Our home is Florida’s beautiful First Coast and we take to heart the importance of maintaining and restoring our coastlines, waterways and wildlife. We are proud to be sponsors for two programs at the UNF Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience: the Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Program and the Oyster Restoration Program.

The Sea Turtle Hospital rescues and rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles and promotes sea turtle conservation in Northeast Florida.The Whitney Laboratory Oyster Restoration Initiative is working to restore lost and degraded oyster reef habitats along shores of the Matanzas and Summer Haven River Basins. The work these programs are doing is essential to maintaining the health and beauty of our coast and we are proud to contribute to their efforts.

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