MDG Gives Back – Thanksgiving Can-struction

Written by: Kristy Buttermore

This year we held our annual Can-Struction Food Drive before Thanksgiving, so our non-perishable donations could be utilized throughout the holidays. This exciting event brings our company together while pitting teams against each other to not only bring in the most donations, but to design and construct a creative and structurally-sound build. This year we chose to have a Thanksgiving theme – each team could choose what they wanted to construct, as long as it was on theme. MDG provided each team with $125 in food items to kick start the process, and teams brought in their own donations to add to the build.

Our two offices were divided into three teams – #FEASTMODE, Team Jiffy, and the Belles of the (Butter) Ball. We organized a one-hour Build-a-thon complete with a count-down clock to ensure each team would have the same opportunity to complete their build. Teams enjoyed a catered lunch then set to work executing their designs. Other than planning and prepping decorations, no building was allowed in advance, so teams had to think fast and work together to divvy up tasks to get everything done in time. Builds were judged on a criteria that included overall aesthetic, structural integrity, attention to detail, and originality.

Congratulations to our winner #FEASTMODE! This is the third year our Jacksonville office team has defended their #1 position. The team’s thorough preparation, creativity, and excellent execution earned them the win. The team will be treated to lunch at the restaurant of their choice.

Together we gathered over 1080 non-perishable food items. Our donations supported Pie in the Sky Community Alliance, who does incredible work by providing food deliveries directly to the homes of low-income seniors in our community. Thank you to Pie in the Sky Senior Program Manager Phyllis Wood and her team of volunteers for coming to the office to pick up the donations. You can help Pie in the Sky in their mission by donating here!

Pie in the Sky donation pickup
Team Belles of the (Butter) Ball
Team Jiffy
St. Augustine catering provided by Mojo's BBQ
Sorting and stacking
Sorting and stacking
Judge Mike
Loading up the donations
Load up team


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