Employee Spotlight: Mike Silverstein, Senior Construction Inspector

Since joining our team in 2022, Mike Silverstein has proven to be an invaluable asset in his role as Senior Construction Inspector. With his extensive expertise and unwavering dedication, he has consistently delivered exceptional results that have had a profound impact on the overall success of our projects. 

Mike’s responsibilities encompass a range of vital construction administration tasks and processes. These include managing essential documents like kick-off paperwork, plan revisions, Requests for Information (RFIs), and payment applications. Moreover, he actively participates in pre-construction meetings, on-site inspections, and coordinated testing efforts. His involvement extends to assisting in the smooth facilitation of project permitting and eventual closeout. 

Beyond these core duties, Mike’s versatility shines as he readily takes on additional roles. He engages in surveying activities when necessary, contributing valuable data that enhances the accuracy of design work and overall project progress. This multi-faceted approach underscores his commitment to ensuring comprehensive and seamless project execution. 

Mike is originally from Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up dreaming of owning a pizza place. He spent 15 years working in New York City on some of the city’s biggest infrastructure upgrades and super-tall high-rise towers. The tallest building he ever led for survey layout was the Brooklyn Tower, located at 9 DeKalb Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, which is 1066′ tall and currently sits at #18 on the country’s tallest buildings list. He relocated to St. Augustine with his wife, Nicole, and sons Tyler and Kyle, and together they enjoy playing sports, fishing, and going to the beach. 


Mike’s collaborative spirit and effective communication skills have fostered a more streamlined and efficient working environment within our CEI team. He has consistently demonstrated his willingness to share insights, offer guidance, and mentor his team members. His dedication to continuous improvement is evident in his proactive approach to problem-solving. His innovative suggestions and solutions have led to the optimization of processes, resulting in notable time and cost savings. We look forward to the continued growth and evolution of our CEI efforts and processes under his knowledgeable lead!  

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