Employee Spotlight: Autumn Martinage, Senior Planner

Autumn Martinage became an invaluable member of the Matthews | DCCM team in 2022. She helps lead our Planning efforts, utilizing her expertise to guide and support various planning initiatives, offering her insights into analyzing and designing projects, and assisting in securing the necessary permits for our clients’ ventures. Her contributions have been instrumental in advancing the Planning department’s capabilities and effectiveness.

Originally from Wood River, Illinois, a town situated just outside of St. Louis, Autumn harbored childhood dreams of becoming a fighter pilot. This aspiration encapsulated her spirit of adventure and unwavering determination. Today, Autumn is the mother of three daughters, each with their unique interests and personalities. Her eldest daughter, on the brink of turning 16, is involved in colorguard and shares a passion for anime. Her second daughter is 12, and Autumn describes her as her “theater kid who has never met a stranger”.  The youngest, at 9 years old, has an affinity for basketball and a peculiar fascination with chickens.

Autumn’s career in planning was not a predetermined one. After graduating, she initially considered pursuing a path in law school. However, fate intervened when a friend of her parents needed someone with database management expertise. Autumn’s qualifications were a perfect match for the position, which turned out to be in transportation planning for a regional planning council.

Within this role, she served as staff for three Transportation Planning Organizations under the planning council. Her responsibilities extended to functioning as a Transportation Planner and Public Involvement Officer for these organizations. Although her journey into planning was accidental, it has proven to be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice.

In her role at Matthews | DCCM, Autumn plays a crucial role in liaising with clients to ensure all necessary approvals and entitlements are secured for their projects. She expertly represents clients at public meetings and hearings, offering her professional insight and guidance. Her responsibilities also encompass assisting with conceptual site plan designs and conducting early due diligence to identify potential project issues or outline required approvals and entitlements.

For those aspiring to embark into the Planning profession, Autumn imparts valuable advice. She emphasizes the importance of gaining experience in various planning facets early in one’s career. Additionally, she encourages aspiring planners to obtain their AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners) certification as soon as possible. Autumn also stresses the significance of joining multiple professional associations beyond the APA (American Planning Association), such as NAIOP (National Association of Industrial and Office Properties) or ULI (Urban Land Institute), to expand professional networks and knowledge.


Autumn’s journey into planning may have been accidental, but her dedication, professional expertise, and passion in her role at Matthews | DCCM are undeniably intentional. Her career trajectory serves as a testament to the unpredictability of life and the exciting opportunities that can arise when one embraces change and new challenges.

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