Employee Spotlight: Alex Acree, PE, Land Development Lead

Alex joined the Matthews | DCCM team in 2016 and has grown tremendously over his time here. He is now our Land Development Lead, managing a team of professionals to analyze, design, and permit civil infrastructure projects, as well as manage the overall Land Development department and its growth.

Through his time at Matthews | DCCM, Alex has fostered strong relationships within the St. Johns County School District, leading to notable projects such as Tocoi Creek and Beachside High Schools. He has led large-scale projects like Stillwater Residential Development from Lennar, a multi-phase project with a construction value of $21,000,000. Alex has also earned a solid reputation among many clients, resulting in repeat business and direct referrals, including Harvard Jolly Architecture, Lennar, and Atlee Development Group.

Through his expertise, he has not only contributed to the expansion of our client base but has also fostered a culture of personal and professional development among his teammates. He is a strong project manager, an inspiring mentor, and a hands-on leader.

Alex is a St. Augustine native. As a child, he was interested in becoming an architect. He attended Sante Fe College in Gainesville where he earned his AA before transferring to FSU to finish his degree. He initially transferred because of his wife (then girlfriend) Michelle, and found FSU to have a good engineering program thus shifting gears and taking the first step to becoming the skilled engineer we know him as today.

He has actually known Michelle since 3rd grade, and while growing up by chance they went to the same summer camp in Jacksonville. Since they lived near each other they would carpool on occasion. Alex and his brother may have forgotten to pick her up a time or two! Luckily, she must have forgiven him because they have now been married for 18 years and have four children together. Alex’s commitment to being a loving father and a strong leader within his family is a testament to his character and the depth of his values.

Alex Acree, smiling, seated at desk working with teammates

Alex has guided his team to success on countless projects across Florida. Through his leadership, mentorship, strategic thinking, and client-centric approach, he has not only helped the firm achieve success but has also nurtured and cultivated many of his teammates along the way. Alex’s initiative, innovation, and commitment and have helped shape our firm’s trajectory and future success.


His advice for future engineers: “Don’t pigeon hole yourself into one aspect of Land Development, get with a company that will allow you to diversify your skills and experience.”  

We are incredibly proud to have Alex as part of our team’s leadership, and look forward to celebrating continued success together!


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