Case Study: Veterans Parkway

Written by: Rachel Washington and Tyler Smith, PE

The Veterans Parkway project is broken down into two parts: extension South from Longleaf Pine Parkway,  and widening the existing roadway from two-lanes to four-lanes. This is a milestone project in the growth of our transportation division and we are so excited to watch it come to life!

As traffic demand grows, the need for updated infrastructure grows with it. Because of the increased development in this area, the County has required developers to construct approximately 3.1 miles of roadway between CR 210 and Longleaf Pine Parkway. MDG was tasked with designing and permitting this connection. The roadway will be classified as a Major Collector per County standards and will initially be a two-lane roadway with grassed median ditch. In the future once it is warranted, it will be widened to four-lanes with a raised curb median. Building this connection will provide relief on other existing roadways that may be suffering for high traffic impacts.

Key Facts About the Project

  1. Chris Buttermore, PE, was the project manager. Learn more about him here.
  2. Tyler Smith, PE, was the lead project engineer. Learn more about him here.
  3. Design included new roadway design, existing roadway improvements (widening, resurfacing), drainage design, new utility lines, driveway and access permitting, turn lane design, intersection improvements, maintenance of traffic plans, and pedestrian improvements (sidewalk and crosswalks).

A dirt lane with trees on the left and cars moving on a paved lane on the right.
An aerial shot of a two lane road with a road under construction next to it. The road is surrounded by trees and houses in the distance.


Main Challenge

One unique challenge to the Veterans Parkway extension projects was that portions of this project were constructed prior to MDG’s involvement. The original roadway elevation was designed below the seasonal high ground water level, which would cause premature failure of the roadway pavement.

In addition, drainage structures and pipes were partially constructed and left unmaintained for many years.


MDG had to redesign the roadway profile raising the road 3-4 feet in the highest areas to provide proper clearance from the seasonal high ground water level. This change affected all the previous plans for existing drainage structures and pipes in place.

Our team used a CCTV pipe inspection to verify existing structure locations, pipe lengths, pipe slopes, and pipe conditions to provide cost effective drainage solutions.

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A large portion of this project required designing a new roadway. Typically, our other projects involve existing roadways which does not give you as much flexibility in engineering design. Widening both Longleaf Pine Parkway and Veterans Parkway is essential to the surrounding communities. These new widening projects will help alleviate traffic concerns as this area continues to grow. Additionally, the Veterans Parkway extension portion of this project will be the first step towards the community’s future.

If asked to do this project again, our team would spend more time on researching existing utilities on the widening projects. Due to unfinished construction prior to MDG’s involvement, there were unknown utilities and location conflicts that existed and ended up causing delays during construction. Fully mapping out the existing utilities could have created a more accurate picture for our team.

Our favorite part of this project was to see it come to life. As we continue through the final construction phases, we are excited to see the final completed project and how it will make a positive impact on the surrounding area.” – Tyler Smith, PE, Lead Project Engineer

Our Experience

MDG has been contracted to provide professional services for over 50 roadway-focused projects. These projects range from local roadway improvements to major roadway design. Examples of these project include Amazon Distribution Center Roadway Improvements, St. Johns Avenue Resurfacing, and Woodlawn Road Improvements. Our team is also FDOT pre-qualified in following work groups:

  • 3.1 – Minor Highway Design
  • 3.2 – Major Highway Design
  • 7.1 – Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization

Veterans Parkway

This project is currently under construction, with an estimate completion date of Fall 2022.

If you have specific questions about the services we provided on this project, please let us know!

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