At Urban Engineering | DCCM, our team is the heart of our success. Comprised of dedicated professionals with diverse expertise, we bring passion, innovation, and a collaborative spirit to every project. United by a shared commitment to excellence, our team thrives on challenges, turning visions into reality. Get to know the individuals driving our success and discover the collective strength that defines Urban Engineering | DCCM.


D. Scott Jones, PE

Scott joined Urban Engineering | DCCM in October 2023 and brought with him over 30 years’ experience as a civil engineer with expertise in land development and municipal civil engineering – the last 15 years being in Corpus Christi, Texas. Scott has established a reputation for providing quality designs and documents and for being responsive to his clients. Within a few months, Scott took over the management of Urban Engineering | DCCM and accomplished significant improvements to the organizational structure and productivity of the company and substantially improved client relations. On March 1, 2024, Scott was promoted to President of Urban Engineering | DCCM.

Through Scott’s strong and experienced leadership, Urban Engineering looks forward to significant future growth of both project load and Client base.

Vice President

James Urban, PE

A senior engineer and Vice President in Urban Engineering, James (Jim) Urban has over 42 years of broad experience ranging from design and master planning to assistance in project funding and City Engineer for numerous communities.  His primary focus area is municipal services, including water and wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution systems; coordinated computer-operated electronic control systems; water pump stations; and a variety of community development paving and drainage projects.  Among Mr. Urban’s impressive credits is his development of a program for capital impact fees, which was one of the first such programs approved in Texas.  For two years, he was manager of the Nueces County Water Improvement District #4.  He has represented the business sector on a number of committees and task forces, especially in the area of coastal management, providing a practical knowledge of the development process and a genuine concern for environmental issues.

As a Vice President of Urban Engineering| DCCM, he is responsible for the management of human resources, business operations and in conjunction with Chip Urban, coordination of the firm’s business development.

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