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Jim Urban

Jim Urban

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A senior engineer and partner in Urban Engineering, James (Jim) Urban has over 35 years of broad experience ranging from design and master planning to assistance in project funding and City Engineer for numerous communities.  His primary focus area is municipal services, including water and wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution systems; coordinated computer-operated electronic control systems; dechlorination facilities; water pump stations; and a variety of community development paving and drainage projects.  He served as a commander in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for ten years and assisted in the design of 11 kilometers of roadway through the mountains of Honduras, as well as the development and construction of schools in Belize.  Among Mr. Urban's impressive credits is his development of a program for capital impact fees, which was one of the first such programs approved in Texas.  For two years, he was manager of the Nueces County Water Improvement District #4.  He has represented the business sector on a number of committees and task forces, especially in the area of coastal management, providing a practical knowledge of the development process and a genuine concern for environmental issues.

As a partner of the Urban Engineering firm, he is responsible for the management of human resources, business operations and coordination of the firm's business development with the other partners.