Urban Engineering

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Urban Engineering develops drainage master plans for municipalities and other Governmental entities and works with Land Developers to ensure that they comply with these legal requirements.

We begin developing a master plan with a look at an area’s topography and rainfall history. We then help clients decide how much protection they want - and can afford - and design drainage plans to meet those needs. We also supervise the installation of drainage systems to make sure they comply with the client’s requirements, whether it’s protection from a rainfall amount that occurs every five years or every 100 years.

As with all our work, we use accepted engineering standards, techniques and design criteria for development. We’ve provided drainage master plans for municipalities such as Port Aransas, Rockport and Beeville.


  • Municipal Storm Sewer Systems
  • Flood Control Channels
  • Pumping Stations
  • Detention Ponds


  • Hydraulics and Hydrology Studies
  • Master Planning
  • System Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • System Modeling
  • EPA Permitting
  • Engineering Design
  • Construction Management