Packery Channel Waterline Crossing

Corpus Christi, Texas

Urban Engineering | DCCM provided the design and construction administration of a 20-inch PVC waterline crossing under the Packery Channel, at SH 361.  During hurricane Harvey (2017), a shallow segment of the 20-inch waterline was damaged.  As part of the post hurricane recovery efforts, the segment was repaired with 20-inch PVC bell and spigot pipe.  In 2020 the city decided to lower the existing line to prevent future damage and to accommodate some structural improvements that were scheduled for the Packery Channel.  To minimize environmental impacts and to avoid AEP transmission towers, the new waterline was designed to be installed with a single horizontal directional drilled (HDD) bore.  Approximately 2,260-ft of 20-inch fusible PVC waterline was installed 33-ft under Packery Channel.  The HDD design utilized both horizontal and vertical curves to navigate the curvature of the existing highway and to achieve the desired depth at the channel crossing.  The geometry of the highway in the area also limited the amount of available space within the right-of-way to stage the fusible PVC pipe.  The contractor ended up staging the pipe in two 1,100 ft segments, which required construction of a fused PVC joint at the mid-point of the 2,260 foot pull back.

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